Inspiration Luxury Orthopaedic Spring Mattress - Firm

£170.00 GBP

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A soft feel that becomes firmer; enhanced by the deep luxurious polyester fillings that really adds to the quality for fantastic lumbar support and a restful sleep. The splendid 2 way stretch fabric adds to the level of comfort and the damask micro quilted border finish results in a glorious look and durability. The extra padding helps to dispel your body weight for a sumptuous feel, provides insulation and adds to the longevity of the mattress.

Traditionally hand tufted to compress and hold the fillings securely in place giving extra strength and a firmer feel. Orthopaedic Spring in harmony with a rod edge helps strengthen the support and aids to relieve back and body pain.


  • 12.5g Orthopaedic spring
  • Deep layers of Polyester filling
  • Stretch fabric
  • Hand tufted
  • Dual sided
  • Hand made in the UK
  • Tension rating - Firm


  • Single - 92cm by 192cm.
  • 4FT - 122cm by 192cm.
  • Double - 137cm by 192cm.
  • King Size - 152cm by 202cm.
  • Super King - 182cm by 202cm.
  • Mattress height - 28cm